This piece has been composed for piano and video in 2017. It was played by Sergio Bové at Espacio Ronda in Madrid, Spain, in January 2018. 


··· is a work that deals with sound and visual aspects interacting each other in real time. It is an audiovisual piece for piano and video, both of them interacting through the Pure Data open source software. Whenever the piano plays, the video is triggered, which represents the music graphically.

Although this piece has been written for a traditional instrument such as the piano, it deals with certain issues related to perception whose sources go beyond music itself. I materialize these issues through the mathematical concept of perfect tiling. This kind of tiling is produced when a single shape, most often a square, is tiled as a mosaic of smaller squares. If there are no holes and no overlaps, and if every one of the smaller squares used to tile the big square has a different dimension, the tiling is “perfect”.

By the motion and separation of a line, several perceptual lines gradually emerge, driving the eye and ear to drift and therefore to produce an effect of erratic perception. My intention is to contradict that enjoyable aesthetic impression in which seeing and listening is offered a clear and distinctive pattern that provides a focus of steadiness. These different perceptual lines are created so that the audience do not certainly know where they focus their attention.

On the visual field, a disagreement between the physical fact and the psychological effect occurs, in relation to colour. An optical illusion is produced, in which we cannot see the real and only physical colour of all the dots. It turns unrecognizable, loosing its identity whenever it is superimposed to the background of different colours. 

Sergio Bové

Camila, Marília and Edilene, photos.